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Fetish Bubble Girls

Fetish Bubble Girls
Fetish Bubblegirls presents the work of internationally recognized graffiti artist Tilt in an unabashedly new, colorful, and playful volume. Graffiti has always been an inherently dangerous, high-wire act - the execution of art in risky, often illegal situations. And one could argu ... More

   $24.95   Fetish Bubble Girls

Black Ink

Black Ink
Known as Toast in graffiti circles and Atalier in graphic design circles, Ata Bozaci is recognized as an artist, draftsman, illustrator, and graffiti artist. This Swiss-based dynamo is also known as one of the pioneers of three dimensional graffiti art. The link between these different artis ... More

   $39.95   Black Ink


Fadings - Book
Graffiti, with its unique aesthetics and unconventional values, has had an increasing influence on several areas of visual communication for a very long time. Fadings presents the work of 24 graffiti artists whose commercial success has been based on their graffiti experience, including ... More

   $45.00   Fadings

Hip Hop Files

Hip Hop Files
Photographs from 1979 to 1984 by Martha Cooper. Photos taken in the South Bronx of Breakdancing, Graffiti, and the vibrant youth culture that surrounded the time. This book is a must have for any hip-hop library.

   $49.99   Hip Hop Files


Icepick - book
Considering that the island nation of Iceland is home to just over a quarter of a million people, its street art scene is astoundingly roubust, varied and inventive. Multi-talented author Thordis Claessen spent several years documenting the scene photographically and then designed and i ... More

   $29.95   Icepick

KACA077 Universes

KACA077 Universes
KACAO77 is a Berlin graffiti writer recognized the world over for his complex style, elaborate sketches and most notably his large scale trademark “graffiti comics” that depict super heroes and villains in a science fiction universe all their own, not unlike a hip hop Fantastic P ... More

   $45.00   KACA077 Universes

Mist Debil Inside

Mist Debil Inside
Debil Inside is an inside look to the extensive collection of Mist's works : walls paintings, canvases, exhibition pictures, sculptures, sketches and the preparatory works of its Toys creations. Featuring collaborations with friends such as Le Club crew and Legendary T-Kid, and exclu ... More

   $34.99   Mist Debil Inside

Neo Utopia

Neo Utopia - The Art and Work of Superblast
Berlin based graphic designer SUPERBLAST was immersed in the world of punk rock and skateboarding when he discovered graffiti in 1990 and quickly became addicted to the energy and vitality of the street art underground. As a logical evolution of writing with ... More

   $35.00   Neo Utopia

Punk is Dead Book

Punk is Dead Book
unk is Dead exposes the lasting impact of Punk on visual culture worldwide. Hundreds of flyers, photos, set lists, vintage fashions and other ephemera from all of your favorite bands are jammed into this menacing volume. Punk is Dead is massive, featuring a wide spectrum of bands tha ... More

   $39.95   Punk is Dead Book

Shaft by Doze Green and David Ellis

Shaft by Doze Green and David Ellis
"Shaft" by Doze Green & David Ellis - Two of the most influential graffiti turned fine artists active today, New York City residents Doze Green and David Ellis fuse the true meaning of hip-hop with contemporary art styles to create a hybrid of visual sounds that are ... More

   $0.00   Shaft by Doze Green and David Ellis

Street Art Chile

Street Art Chile by Rod Palmer
A leading Latin American centre of radical propaganda painting since 1940 - reflected chiefly through public murals - Chile is now home to a unique and extraordinarily vibrant street art scene. Since the end of the Pinochet dictatorship in 1990, Chile has embraced an era ... More

   $24.95   Street Art Chile

Street Play

Street Play
A captivating collection of Cooper's photographs from the late 70s shows the creative and indomitable spirit of New York City kids as they turn their inhospitable environment into an adventure playground.

   $34.99   Street Play

The Nasty: Terrible T-Kid

The Nasty Terrible Tkid
The Nasty Terrible T-Kid book is the autobiographical of graffiti writer Julius Cavero AKA T-KID 170. It chronicles his days as a gang member in the late 1970s New York City to his rise as a subway legend in the 1980s and then up to his dedication as a artistic style men ... More

   $49.99   The Nasty: Terrible T-Kid

We BGirlz

We B "Girlz"
We B Girlz showcases interviews and photos of B Girls from around the world. Photography by Martha Cooper

   $34.99   We BGirlz